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All Ryanair passengers are required to check-in online for their flight and both adult and child (2-16 years) have to print out their boarding passes up to two hours before each scheduled flight departure time.

Check-in online is available starting from:

  • 30 days to 2 hours  before each flight for passengers who would like to buy an allocated seat

  • 7 days before each flight up to 2 hours for each flight for passengers who will receive a random seat


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After you have checked-in online the Ryanair boarding pass can be reprinted up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight through the management section of the booking on the Ryanair website:

1) go to the ryanair.com/gb/en/website and on the top-center click on ”Check in

2) choose one of three available options fill all data like Reservation numberEmail address and click GO

3) in the new page menu select “reprint the boarding pass

4) click on the right bottom on the yellow button “reprint the boarding pass”

Passengers who has lost or forgotten to print their boarding passes can execute this procedure at the airport with the payment of a €15 / £15 penalty fee for passenger. This option is available up to 40 minutes before the flight departure. 

The procedures for the Ryanair airport check-in, boarding gate and onboarding are characterized by:

  • check-in desks, where you deliver the luggage, it is opened 2 hours before the scheduled departure, even for those who have already checked in online, and it is closed strictly 40 minutes before departure.

  • all passengers who checked-in online and print their boarding passes can go directly to the boarding gate 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the flight. The boarding gates are closed 20 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Ryanair passengers who have already checked in online and wish to change the date of the flight, the route or the name of a passenger should contact the reservation center until the day before the flight departure time in order to cancel it. Once canceled the online check-in, the reservation can be changed in the section “Manage Booking” on the website. The name change is not possible if the one of the flights included in your reservation has already been used. The service is not available at the airport.

It is possible to travel with Ryanair only if you hold a valid document EU/EEA government identity card or passport, more info here.

You can not fly with a driver’s license, residence cards, seaman books except one case.

For the ID card renewal stamp click here.

From June 2012, children, including infants, must have their identity card or passport when traveling.

Passengers over 16 years can fly alone even on international flights.

Italian minors 16 years, if traveling with only one parent, a guardian or with an adult accompanying outside EU/Schengen they must also be in possession of their birth certificate and “Lettera di affido”, which is issued by the Police or the State Police and signed by the parent who is not traveling or parents in the case of the companion.

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